Tv shows are targeting LGBT people by creating more LGBT characters in their shows

Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgenders have been stereotyped as abnormal in most of the communities all over the world. Television is an effective medium to demolish this stereotyping of the LGBT community. Television is one of the major sources of information for both children and adults. Recently, more and more television shows are portraying LGBT characters in a favorable light. This is very beneficial from the point of view of integrating the LGBT community into the mainstream. Some advantages of positive media portrayal of the LGBT community have been discussed here.

Increases social tolerance

Many people never come into contact with members of the LGBT community and even steadfastly avoid any communication with them. TV shows make the audience realize that LGBT people are normal citizens trying to lead a normal life as anyone else. By bringing the LGBT community into the drawing rooms of people, TV shows help in eliminating many preconceived notions about gays, lesbians, etc.

Triggering conversations

Discussing LGBT community can be a taboo for many families. LGBT characters in television shows act as perfect triggers to encourage the family members to converse with each other about gay rights and other issues concerning the LGBT community.

Enhances self-esteem of LGBT individuals

Individuals belonging to LGBT community often struggle to come to terms with their identity and accept the stereotypes about themselves. They lack confidence and constantly fear humiliation. TV shows which depict LGBT characters in positive light help such individuals in gaining confidence. They can relate to the characters and challenge the stereotypes built around them.

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