How are bisexuals different for gays and lesbians?

For information, the term gays are used for men that are physically attracted to men and the term lesbians are used for the women that are physically attracted to women while bisexual people are attracted to both women and men. When one tries to set out the difference between a gay and a bisexual man, then the difference is straightforward as both gay and a bisexual man are attracted to another man but bisexual man is also attracted to a woman while a gay is not.

Bisexual people are likely to be people that have crossed the boundaries of the what others say as straight but are much less likely than gays or lesbians, in short, their sexual orientation is somewhere between straight and gay or lesbian as the case be.

Attraction is what makes a bisexual different for gays and lesbians as a bisexual, subjected to circumstances; let's take for example a bisexual man can be physically attracted towards a man however be romantically attracted towards a woman, however in case of gays or lesbian, they are physically and romantically attracted to the members of same sex.

Scientist says that a human being that is being bisexual is generally incorporating the attributes of both the gender, in other words, they have desires derived from both the masculine as well as their feminine side unlike in the case of gays or lesbian their desires are derived from the attributes of the like gender, that is for gays their desires from the masculine side need a support of another person having male sexual orientation.

Research suggests that in case of bisexual women high sex drive is associated with the increased sexual attraction to both women and men unlike lesbian high sex drive is associated with the increased sexual attraction to women only. For bisexual men, high sex drive is associated with the increased sexual attraction to one sex (it may be male or female) and weakened attraction to the others while in case of gay high sex drive is associated with the increased sexual attraction to men only.

Due to the above factors, the survey tells that adults these days especially LGBT community prefer more and more bisexual people in comparison to gay men and lesbian women. Almost one-third of the LGBT people in certain surveys prefer the company of bisexual people. However, research also says that they prefer the company of bisexual women more.

Differences in sexual orientation among the bisexual people with respect to gays or lesbian can cause discrimination which can range from slurs and jokes to unfairly treatment from the employer, however, in most cases gays or lesbian have suffered the most.

According to the survey, one thing is for sure that in the journey of self-awareness, the bisexuals are not much different from gay and lesbians. In other words, bisexual experiences about their sexual orientation at the same age of life as experienced by the gays or lesbians.

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