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When you look for the option of browsing, you can get many benefits for you. The case is different when you think of a person who is bisexual. You need to check for the bisexual websites to know a lot about the bisexual persons. The case is different in the sense, they look for the person who shall belong to any gender, and so is the bisexual person. There may be many thoughts among people who come across such bisexuals. Bisexual is open to any kind of relationship, be it homosexual or heterosexual.

Creating an Account

It is easy and simple to create an account on bisexual All you need to do is provide your email address and user name along with your date of birth. You need to mention what you are (sexual orientation) and what you are looking for. You are required to provide a headline or a caption to describe yourself in a short paragraph. The description needs to be verified. When you write your description, you can write what best describes you – your unique characteristics, your talents or hobbies or anything else that you would want your partner to know.

Your Profile

The website makes it easy and possible to make changes to your personal information on your profile as and when you wish to. You have an option to change your email address, contact preferences, and modify the city and even sexual orientation. Members are allowed to upload pictures and can select one of those pictures as the profile photo.

Easy Search

Once you have created your free profile, you can start your search right away. From an extensive data of thousands of bisexuals within your vicinity and several other locations, the website offers huge options to choose from. All you have to do is fill out what you are looking for – man , woman or a couple along with other relevant details to narrow down your search further, like age range or preferred location. You are also free to randomly browse photos of other members on the website.

Basic and Full Membership

There are two different kinds of membership plans that this bisexual website offers. Member can choose a basic free membership or a full paid membership. While a free member is allowed to create a profile and upload his or her pictures, the paid membership comes with a whole bunch of added features to be explored.

Privacy Concerns Assured

The best thing about the website is that it eliminates all kinds of banner ads. Considering how annoying these banner ads can be, this feature gives the website an edge over other bi-curious dating sites and bi-sexual dating sites. That is not all, the members can remove their profiles from public search engines if they want to in order to maintain their secrecy. All new members need to get their membership validated with their email address. The website is very effective in prevention of fake and robot registrations.

Chat, Email and Flirts

The site comes with a myriad of interesting features for contacting and communicating with fellow members. There is an IM feature for sending messages, you can send Flirt below the main photo to show interest in other member. There are again different types of flirts to choose from.

Little Black Book

All members of the website, whether free or paid get their little black books. This is where they can add members, access special features on member profiles and check out events. If you do not have someone in your book, you will not be able to see their private photos. This further enhances the privacy features of this wonderful bi-sexual dating site. Furthermore, to add someone in your book, you need authorization and approval of the member. This makes it possible for the members to choose who sees their private pictures. You also get the option of removing a member from your little black book by opening their profile and clicking on the relevant option.


Members on the website are allowed to visit other profiles and click on an icon to save the member as their favourite. Similarly, you can also remove a member from your favourites list if you do not want to be contacted by them anymore.

Not Interested

This is one of the coolest features of the website. In case you are not interested in a particular member and do not wish to be contacted by them, you can merely click on the not interested icon on their profile.


The website is available in various different languages and not just English. Furthermore, you can access the website through your mobile as they have a highly compatible mobile version too. The little black book is an amazing feature which provides you privacy and also lets you block someone who you do not wish to be contacted by. In case you find the behaviour of any fellow member inappropriate, you can block and report them.

Editor's Verdict

It is one of the bi-sexual site that has excellent features for deciding their suitable partner. The search mode is simple and user friendly and the website does not make you feel like you are missing on to something even if you are not a paid member of the website.