Bisexual love is pure and real same as gays, lesbians, and other straight people

Love is love and it's always multifaceted. After all who doesn't want love; love is the driving force when it comes to selecting someone for a lifetime. So when you see a man and woman, you generally assume that they might be in love. We all know that love is divine and pure, likewise, the Bisexual love is pure and it is as real as that of the gays, lesbians and other straight people.

Though when it comes to relationship bisexual people have more options but the possibility of true bisexual love cannot be sidelined. Bisexual though lack the clarity with respect identification of oneself and attraction but they contain attributes of both the genders. In other words, bisexual love focuses more upon the best possible match irrespective of the genders. It cannot be considered be as wrong or immoral as there is no person who doesn't look for the best for oneself when it comes to a relationship.

One cannot say bisexuality is a park where a person who has exceeded the boundaries of straight orientation is taking some time to end up in becoming a gay or a lesbian as the case may be. Furthermore, the bisexual love is not temporary; where one is holding a temporary relationship till the time the person realizes his true sexual orientation and leaves to find the best match among the same gender.

Sex appeal might play a dominant role when it comes to bisexual love; the one who is more appealing gets the first priority followed by looks and accent. Like other forms of a relationship like a gay relation or lesbian one and other straight relations, physical attributes count too in bisexual love. The connection is another driving factor that motivates a person to go along with the other person; when we emotionally get attached with a person we ensure the happiness of the other is ensured at all the cost. That also involves nice talking; words that can touch the heart of the other. If an emotional and mental connection is the reason that makes other relations successful, the same exists in the case of bisexual love. Trusts and secrecy is the crux of any relationship and when coupled with love makes life beautiful.

However, the bisexual relations suffer a great deal from the complications of the physical and mental attributes. Self-esteem, social isolation, lack of support from the society, anxiety and such like problems are the reasons that lead to a change of old partner and selection of a better one but it is the fact that bisexual love has particular reason and issues that are not experienced in the other form of relationship. There are many complexities involved when it comes to bisexual love and the research has already begun in this direction.

Without love, everything is merely mechanical, robotic, a saga of useless and boring routine, so just enjoy the moment and cherishes the love to be loved.

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